Decorative Pillows

When it comes to throw pillows I’ve realized that they rarely if ever get used. With that said, I still love them. They are mainly decorative eye candy that often get tossed to the floor when someone actually wants to sit on your couch. But throughout the day I find myself admiring them whether they are practical or not. I like walking by my couch and seeing them all lined up or askew in perfectly planned fashion. Weird things like that make me happy.

I realize some people may think that I’m crazy for even entertaining the thought of purchasing throw pillows at a thrift store. I used to think that was disgusting. But when I realized how little my decorative pillows were actually being used other than for visual appeal I warmed to the idea.

Now I find myself checking the throw pillow section for treasures. It’s very hit and miss. Sometimes you find something amazing, other times you’re sorting through the most gaudy, and hideously ugly pillows you’ve ever seen. Lately I’ve been lucky.

I present to you, the monogram pillow:

Monogram PillowThe Salvation Army just happened to have this pillow with the initial of our last name. Not only that but the colors worked perfectly with my existing throw pillows (that I purchased at K-Mart for a great deal). I love the beaded fringe around the pillow and the gold embroidered M is almost the same color as the gold on my silver leaf pillows.

Monogrammed Pillow in Living Room

I think it’s a nice addition, don’t you?

The best part? This pillow was originally $1, which is already an awesome deal, but it was marked half off. So I paid 50 cents. I realize that not everyone gets this lucky, but if you browse your local thrift store on a weekly basis, you’re likely to find some awesome treasures.

My most recent throw pillow find was these:

entrypillows The colors, once again were perfect and together they made a cute pair. I paid $2.50 total for the set. entrypillows2

Sometimes you luck out and the pillows are in perfect condition. Other times, you may want to spot clean it. I never purchase any pillows that are going to require more than a spot clean.

I’ve also made pillows by hand before just for decoration. You can also purchase solid colored pillows and then embellish them yourself. I’ll do a separate post related to those both of those methods. And I don’t own a sewing machine so everything I do is by hand.

No matter what, getting them from the thrift store is usually the cheapest and easiest option, but if you have mobile or newspaper coupons for Hobby Lobby or Jo-Anns, and some time on your hands, making your own can still be economical and a lot of fun. But when you walk into the Salvation Army and stumble upon the perfect find, nothing can beat that rush!


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