Fall/Christmas Leaf Tree

This project was inspired by my October trip to Hawaii for my Sister-in-Laws’ wedding. Everywhere I looked when we were on the island, I saw inspiration through all of the seedpods, leaves, flowers, and other natural treasures laying on the shores of Kauai.

Fall doesn’t exist in Hawaii but dead leaves do! I found some gorgeous large brown and yellow leaves by the coast near our Kauai condo that I had to have. I collected a few each day, finding the best ones among the bunch. I brought them home and made this:


I purchased a foam cone at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon (you can get these in the paper or on your smart phone through their app). The cone was about $3.50 after the discount. I kept the leaves in a ziploc bag prior to this project with a damp paper towel so they would be pliable when I used them. Then I simply used a glue gun to layer them on the cone. I had some floral wire that I wrapped around the tree to give it a garland look. Then I found these adorable bronze pine cone ornaments at the Dollar Tree. The set came with 4 for a dollar. I just glued them on and used a few tiny pine cone things that I found on the beaches of Poipu for small embellishment. The thing on the top is some sort of seedpod from Hawaii as well.

It was pretty humorous scouring the beaches of Kauai for dead things. I think people thought I was some sort of hoarder, or that I was homeless looking for food. There are a lot of homeless hippies on that island so it wouldn’t be too far fetched. But the embarrassment was worth it, because now I have this lovely tree that cost me less than $5. And the best thing is it’s Fall, yet Christmas-ish all at the same time.

Decorative trees like this were big this year. I saw them all over the place in Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc. But who says you can’t just make your own? Not only is it more original but most of the decorative trees I saw in stores were around $30. And it’s so much more fun to make it yourself. You could totally do this with other types of leaves as well. You don’t need to fly to Hawaii, although I highly recommend that.


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