My Tree Obsession

I’ve already posted about the fall leaf tree that I created on my own. That tree kind of started my obsession with little decorative trees, especially around the Fall and Winter months.

Fall Winter Leaf TreeAs I stated before, I saw tons of variations of trees in retail stores this year. Making my own was a lot of fun and I was all set to create a pine cone tree using pine cones from my neighborhood park, when I stumbled across this beauty at my local Salvation Army:

Pine Cone TreeThe tree needed some work. It had several missing gaps where pine cones had fallen off. Considering that I already had pine cones at home, 90% of it was already done saving me tons of time, and it was only $1.99, it was a no-brainer. I couldn’t have even purchased the foam cone for that cheap.

Pine Cone TreeTo add some sparkle and interest to my mantel, I took an old string of white lights we had in storage and mixed them with a few decorative twig balls from Ross ($6.99 for 10 of them). Then I mixed in some of the pine cones I collected, and a small thrift store latern and I had a nice fall/winter look for less than $10.

You would think my tree obsession would have subsided after that. But the problem with going to thrift stores (or the glorious thing about it), is that when you see something else for just as cheap that is almost equally as cool, whether you need it or not is a non-issue:

sidetablewithtwigtreeThis beautiful little tree was sitting on its own and out of place. When I took it up to the register they gave it to me for $2 since the tag was missing. It also happened to be a 50% off everything day so I got this little gem for $1. I found the wicker plate at the same thrift store for a dollar and used more of my pine cones for embellishment.

Even though Christmas is over, I still have my trees out. They will probably be up until February since they aren’t really “Christmas”. I’m enjoying them until they need to go into storage but I know I’ll be excited to bring them out again next year.


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