Crazy about shelves

I absolutely love shelves. I love them because they serve so many purposes without taking up a lot of space. You can display things on them or use them for storage. Or you can mix the two functions by displaying things that would otherwise have to be stored.

Family Photos on Shelf

Shelves are great for displaying your family photos.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love collecting picture frames from thrift stores so I have a wide variety to add visual interest.

Dining Room Shelves

Putting shelves in your dining room can help serve as extra storage for your dishes while also creating a visually appealing touch to your walls.

We recently added these shelves to our dining room. I wanted extra space in our kitchen cabinets and I also wanted something new for our dining room wall so this fixed both of those problems.

I got all of my shelves from Ikea. You can’t beat those prices. Our long shelves in the family room were only $20 a piece. They’re really sturdy and hold a ton of weight and they’re wide so you can fit a lot on them.

The shelves in our dining room were only $15, and they hold up to 33 lbs. which is perfect when you want to display dishes.

I already had all of the small plates, mugs, and wine glasses, but I also picked up a few other items for the top shelf for decoration from the thrift store. Nothing I purchased was more than $3.

If you’re looking for a shelf that is more ornate, or made of real wood, you’ll want to look elsewhere but if you simply need a solid colored rectangular shelf to display or store your items, Ikea is the place.


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