Mercury Glass is all the rage

This year mercury glass was absolutely everywhere. I love the look of it, but I don’t always love the price of the items I see at chain stores. For about $9 plus a few extra for various glass items at the thrift store, you can create a ton of mercury glass masterpieces for your home.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest awhile ago on how to create this look yourself. Check out this awesome tutorial when you have a chance.

I was able to track down the Krylon Looking Glass paint from Wal-Mart. Not every Wal-Mart carries it but one about 10 miles away did, so I jumped on it. They only charge about $9 for it as well, so it’s even cheaper than ordering it, especially if you have to pay shipping.

I was ecstatic when I found the same exact glass pumpkin at a thrift store as the one she uses in the tutorial. It was $2. It had a bunch of nasty wax in it but after putting it in the freezer for a few hours I was able to break it and take it out cleanly. Then I threw it in the dishwasher. I was ready to roll.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin

$2 glass thrift store pumpkin, plus $9 for the looking glass paint and I had this beauty, plus lots of extra paint for future projects.

It turned out awesome and I was very pleased so I didn’t stop there. After another trip to the thrift store I found a goblet for $1 that had textured glass. So I made this:

Table Arrangement

DIY mercury glass goblet (goblet from thrift store, looking glass paint from Wal-Mart). Pine cones from my neighborhood. Mercury glass ornaments from Big Lots (awesome sales just before Christmas).

Then I found an awesome glass vase/bowl. I liked the shape of it and it looked like it would be a perfect center piece for our coffee table. So I made this:

Coffee Table Center Piece

DIY mercury glass vase (vase from thrift store, looking glass paint from Wal-Mart). Wicker plate from thrift store. Pine cones from my neighborhood embellished with some white craft paint. Small ornaments and bells from Dollar Tree.

I had a few votive holders from Dollar Tree, so I decided, why not?

Mercury Glass Votive Holder

DIY mercury glass votive holder (votive holder from Dollar Tree, Looking Glass Paint from Wal-Mart). Filled with Dollar Tree ornaments.

So I guess I went a little crazy, but the cool thing is that I still have a lot of paint left to use for projects next year too.

And even though it seems like it was pure luck that I stumbled upon that glass pumpkin at the thrift store, my mom found the exact same one at the Salvation Army when she came to visit for $1.50. Since we were both able to find these I’m assuming they are pretty common. Especially since it’s the same pumpkin as the one used in the tutorial that I followed. So don’t give up. If you want a glass pumpkin just check your thrift store frequently and I think your chances will be good.

There are so many glass items you can use this method on. Thrift stores and the dollar store are both great places to get glass. If you keep your eye out you’re bound to find some really nice things that you can “mercury-glasserize”!


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