DIY Playroom

When we first moved into our house, we didn’t know what to do with all the space we had. Our house had a finished basement with 2 bedrooms in it, and there were already 4 bedrooms upstairs. At the time it was just my husband and our 2 cats and we’d just moved from a small 1100 sq ft home in the Northwest so we didn’t have any furniture in 75% of our home for about 3 years.

We had our daughter in 2009 and a year after that I found myself envisioning one of the upstairs bedrooms as a playroom where she could keep the majority of her toys and have a space of her own. One time when Hubby was on a business trip and our daughter was still napping several times a day I decided to transform it on my own.

I ended up getting several small sample cans from Lowes to use for the mural I wanted to make on her wall. I painted the solid color first and after that dried I sketched the mural by hand with a pencil.

With the sample paints I began to fill it in during nap times.

Playroom Mural

I love owls and trees so this is what I came up with.

I bought those plastic file holders that attach to a wall and covered them with fabric (hot glued) to make book holders.

DIY Bookholders

DIY wall bookholders. Plastic file holders from Office Depot and fabric from Hobby Lobby.

I also made some some tissue poms out of tissue paper and some string to hang across the bay window in the colors of her playroom.

DIY Tissue Poms

DIY tissue poms. Just fold several pieces of  tissue paper accordian style, staple in the middle and then gently fan out in both directions. Gently fluff.

Using my limited hand sewing skills I made a few pillows. The first was this rectangular pillow made out of the same fabric as one of the book holders on her wall:

DIY Throw Pillow

DIY hand-sewn pillow. I cheated and hot glued the ribbon and the button. Don’t tell!

I also made a small square brown and white polka-dot pillow. You can kind of see it in front of the big orange one in the first picture.

Then I stenciled on opposite wall “A Wise Old Owl” and posted the lyrics to the song underneath as well as a cute owl statue I found at Hobby Lobby that was on sale.

Wise Old OwlThere you have it. We’ve since moved the bed that was in there so there is more space for her toys. It’s wonderful having a separate room where most of them can stay out of our way.


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