Girls’ Night In

I love to entertain. It’s a great way to bring people together, it gives me another way to channel my creative energy, and it also forces me to keep my house clean.

You can create a beautiful table without spending a lot of money. And if you like to entertain often, like we do, you don’t want to have to break the bank each time you have guests over.

Usually we do casual get-togethers, but occasionally I like to do something a little fancier. About a year ago I decided to host a girls night at my house in our basement. I like setting up in our basement because I can do it ahead of time without monopolizing our eating space up stairs or chancing that little fingers might want to touch something they shouldn’t.

Girls Night Place Setting

Girls’ night place setting.

For this particular evening, I used scrapbook paper as place mats. This was fun because there are so many pattern and color variations to choose from, and scrapbook paper is pretty inexpensive.

I made homemade cupcakes to serve as place settings. I purchased some cute party toothpicks with my coupon at Michaels to stick into each cupcake, then I printed names on sticky labels and attached them to the toothpick.

Girls' night table setting

Table all set for 8 great gals.

I found vases at the dollar store, then purchased one bouquet of flowers to divide among the 8 vases. Then I tied some pink ribbon around the napkins and we were ready to roll. Each girl got to take home her vase of flowers and an extra cupcake from the treat table.

Cupcake Table

Cupcake tray from Ikea.

I filled a glass jar with some jelly beans that just happened to match perfectly with our color scheme. I think they were the “ice cream shop” Jelly Bellies.

For dinner, I made a large homemade lasagna, with a side of garlic bread and a salad. It was nothing gourmet but for the price you can feed a lot of people and still serve a nice meal.

This evening was inexpensive and fun. When you take the time to make place settings it makes everything seem a little more special.


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