Hawaiian bridal shower

I’ve mentioned before that my husband’s sister got married in Hawaii this last October. I had so much fun planning her bridal shower.

Pinterest is like a black hole. It can suck you in for hours and there is no end to what you can find on there. I found several great ideas for her Hawaiian themed shower and modified them slightly.

Not only were the decorations fun to plan, but it was also a blast putting together the menu.

Here’s a glimpse of the fun evening.

Hawaiian Bridal Shower

Decorations are in place, food is coming out as it’s ready. Time for a party!

My favorite project was the cocktail umbrella wreath that I made. I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was adorable and oh so easy to do. You just buy a foam ring (they have them at Dollar Tree, or you can get them at any craft store), then you purchase cocktail umbrellas and stick them in randomly all over the ring.The umbrellas are really cheap and you can find them at party stores or craft stores during the summer season.

Lit Cocktail Umbrella Wreath

You can see it better in this photo on the wall to the right.

I added twinkle lights behind it because light coming through the tissue just looked so cute! For the backdrop behind the table, I just bought one of those cheap foam boards at Hobby Lobby and wrapped it with a yard of fabric that went with the theme. And yes, you guessed it… I hot glued it on!

My pictures aren’t great but if you look close you can see I also purchased a set of bamboo rods and some leis from the dollar store to string between them. On one string I made a banner with their initials out of colored construction paper. Again, sorry for the small pictures. When I took these I didn’t know I’d eventually be blogging about them.

The food was fun to do. I got most of these ideas from Pinterest as well. I think my favorite was the island brownie bites:

Dessert Island Brownie Bites

I purchased the brownie bites in bulk at Costco, then used one of those frosting spray cans for the yellow sand and stuck left over cocktail umbrellas in them. Viola! Little “dessert” islands.

They took hardly any time and added a lot of color to the food table. I also loved the fruit platter, even though kiwi wasn’t in season at the time:

Tropical fruit plate

Just slice 2 bananas for the trunks, use kiwi slices for the palms and cutie wedges for the sand. Tropical fruit never looked so good.

I don’t have pictures of the pulled pork because honestly I hate taking pictures of meat. I leave that up to professionals. And we also had Hawaiian sweet rolls and pineapple wedges but I think you can probably imagine those yourself.

Finally, I made a cake with boiled frosting. I love the way that boiled frosting spreads, especially when you’re not a professional cake-maker. You can’t really make a mistake.

Hawaiian bridal shower cake

Tropical cake with boiled frosting and fresh flowers.

I baked two cakes. one was a strawberry cake and the other was yellow. Then I made peach colored frosting to sandwich between them. That way the cake looked pretty when it was cut:

Layered Hawaiian Cake

This is an awful picture, but you get the idea! It went fast so I had to steal a picture before it was too late.

And of course, I had Island music playing in the background compliments of Pandora. It was a fun evening that I think we’ll all remember for years to come.




1 thought on “Hawaiian bridal shower

  1. What a cute shower! I am getting ready to help throw my friend a tropical themed bridal shower in June, just looking for some cute ideas!

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