DIY kids’ bathroom makeover

I promised to post pictures of my daughter’s bathroom makeover that I did about a year ago. I used the same technique that I did in our kitchen.

I was really proud of myself because I did this whole project while my husband was on a week long business trip. I painted the walls, sanded and painted the cabinets, attached the hardware, and put the new towel rods and art work up myself. Usually I have him do these things because he does them so much faster than I do, but this time I was up for the challenge and thought it would be fun to surprise him when he got home.

Bathroom Before

This is how our guest bathroom upstairs looked for a long time (only we did eventually put up a shower curtain and towels, don’t worry!).

It’s really hard to photograph this bathroom due to the shape of it. This is the best angle I could get to capture most of the bathroom.

My mom was here helping with my daughter that week so she was able to entertain her during the times that I was working on the bathroom.

Bathroom After Makeover

Bathroom after makeover. Here is the best shot I could get of the majority of the bathroom. Again it’s super hard to photograph, especially when you don’t have a fancy camera.

I used the same hardware and paint that we used on the cabinets downstairs. And with this project I had gift cards to Target so I kind of cheated. Most of the items I purchased were from there. The project ended up being really cheap because of the gift cards and because we already had tons of left over white paint and sandpaper from doing our kitchen project. If I hadn’t had gift cards I would’ve probably tried to get a little more creative with the artwork.

I probably would’ve also gotten more items from the thrift store. But if you have gift cards, might as well use them, right?


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