DIY decorative bookcovers

This is such a simple project, only takes about 15 minutes and it adds a very inexpensive decorative element to a side table or coffee table.

DIY Decorative BookcoversPick a few pieces of scrapbook paper, and find some small books in your bookshelf that you are not likely to read anytime soon. Measure out the length and height of the book or simply lay the book on the scrapbook paper and wrap it around to get an idea of how long you need it. Use an xacto knife and a ruler, then wrap the paper around and tie with some twine for an extra touch.

I also chose to use some stamps I already had to stamp the spine. I love adding text as an additional design element.

You could also take the remainder of the scrapbook paper and cut out decorative bookmarks to mix and match with the books and have them poking out. I love this because it’s easy and makes a cute decoration for only a couple of bucks.

You can also see a sneak peek of my next blog post in this photo. I scored an awesome table from the thrift store that I ended up painting. More on that tomorrow!


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