DIY repainted end table/cabinet

A few weeks ago I found this at the Salvation Army:

DIY side table and cabinet

Beautiful woodwork, but a terrible paint job and in need of a good cleaning.

I fell in love with the woodwork on it. And it was a good solid piece of furniture. But the previous owner had been really sloppy and never removed the hardware when they painted it so there was black paint splattered all over the knobs. The paint was coming off in several places and it was so dirty that it leads me to believe that it hadn’t been used in years.

Nevertheless, they only wanted $29.99 for this nice piece of furniture. I thought that was a great deal, especially since I already intended to repaint it.

This time I removed the knobs so I could paint the entire piece without messing up the hardware further. I loved the knobs on it and it was a shame the previous owner had been so careless with them.

Since I was once again using white paint since it’s what I had on hand, it took several coats to complete to cover up the black paint. I would’ve probably chosen a darker color if the piece was going into a different room. But as I’ve stated before, my living room doesn’t get as much natural light and we already have dark wood floors so white was the best choice in that location.

I used my metallic brush nickel spray paint to cover the old knobs:

Repainted Knobs

Spruced up and repainted knobs. Now I can truly appreciate the detail of them without the distraction of splattered paint and grime.

I really like the way the piece turned out. And with the fresh look in my living room I’m starting to show some hints of Spring mixed in with the Winter decor. Cherry Blossoms are the perfect lead-in from Winter to Spring.



2 thoughts on “DIY repainted end table/cabinet

    • Thank you!! I used a brush. I am not confident enough in my spray painting abilities to use that method. I’ve had plenty of practice with the brush though and I also kind of like the look of brushed paint especially on this style of furniture.

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