DIY coffee table makeover

I was in Ikea a few weeks ago and fell in love with this coffee table:

Ikea Coffee Table

I think I may have literally drooled over it – sleeve wiping and all. Kind of embarrassing, really.

I figured it would be a really good price. But my hopes came crashing down when I saw that they wanted $199 for it. It’s not a terrible price, really, but I’m not generally one to fork over that kind of money for a piece of furniture. Yes I’m cheap, and if you have a problem with that, you’re on the wrong blog.

Then I was at the Salvation Army and I saw this beauty:

Not the same exact thing, but similar. I also loved the fact that it was more oblong so it has more table space.

Not the same exact thing, but similar. I also loved the fact that it was more oblong so it has more table space.

They wanted $39.99 for it. It’s solid wood and made in the USA, so I thought that was a pretty good price. If I was willing to wait 4 more days I could’ve gotten it for 50% off but I didn’t want to chance someone else grabbing it before me, since it was pretty much exactly what I wanted. And my dear hubby encouraged me to just get it. I love that man.

DIY Coffee Table Painted

This is Valspar’s “Seine”. I’m in love.

I only needed about 1/8 of a quart of paint so I could’ve just purchased the sample cans they have at Lowes for a couple of bucks, but now I have an excuse to use it on something else. I got the kind with the primer in it so it only needed one coat. And it’s the semi-gloss finish so the surface will be easier to clean. This is one of the easiest paint jobs I’ve ever done. I think it took me 20 minutes after I sanded it to complete the project.

DIY Finished Coffee Table

Here’s the finished table sitting in my living room.

coffeetableafter2The whole project was about $50. This table doesn’t have a drawer but our old coffee table didn’t either so I don’t think it will be missed. And I like the shape of this table better for the space. The round table from Ikea would’ve been too short and probably would’ve looked funny.

So now I’m brainstorming ways to use the remainder of my paint. I’m sure I’ll figure out something!


1 thought on “DIY coffee table makeover

  1. That turned out lovely! It is so funny because I saw the same Ikea table and fell in love with it – and had the same plan as you. I have been keeping my eye out for that style oval table but haven’t found one for less than $70 at my local thrift – when I do find one for the right price I would like to do a subtle geometric stencil on top with just a shade or two lighter paint color

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