DIY chevron picture frame

I saw this frame on the Anthropologie website and loved it:

Anthropologie Chevron Frame

Distressed Anthropologie frame with chevron pattern. $28.00

I thought about what I had around the house that I could use to create something similar. First, I found a picture frame that I wasn’t using that had a nice smooth surface to it. I bought it at the Goodwill a long time ago but never found a place for it. I figured that with some masking tape, acrylic paint, and a spouncer stencil sponge I may be able to create something similar.

DIY Chevron painted frame

You can get both of these at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

I took my frame and some masking tape and just eyed a chevron pattern with the masking tape.

DIY chevron painted frame

I thought this would be a lot more challenging than it actually was. The larger the pattern, the easier it will be for you.

The nice thing about using the masking tape is it’s pretty forgiving and you can redo it pretty easily. I wasn’t concerned about making it perfect because I wanted the final product to be somewhat imperfect and distressed looking.

DIY Chevron painted frame

With my spouncer and paint, I sponged the paint over the exposed frame.

I didn’t want it to be opaque in all areas because I wanted the illusion that the paint was wearing off in some placed.

There is a lot that you can do with this. You could paint the entire frame first, then tape it after it’s completely dry and sponge stripes on top, or you could alternate colors in each row. I just chose to do one color on top of my unpainted frame.

DIY chevron painted frame

Once you’re done painting you can slowly begin to remove all the tape.

You can see that there are spots where the paint leaked under. Once it dried a little I went back and pushed those spots back with my fingernail. That seemed to work nicely.

DIY painted chevron frame

Here’s the finished product.

Clearly it’s different from the Anthropologie frame, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

And if you want a similar print to fill your frame as the one in the Anthro picture, you can find some cute scrapbook paper to use in place of a print.

Happy crafting!


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