DIY Anthropologie pillow knock-off

Have any of you seen this on the Anthropologie website?

Anthropologie pillow

So cute, right?

What isn’t so cute about it is the price. This lovely little pillow is going to set you back about $200.

Now look what I have in my living room:

DIY Anthropologie pillow knock-off

You better believe I have never spent $200 on a pillow before.

My knock-off version cost me $2.50. This was my little experiment this weekend and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out so I’m going to walk you through making one of these on your own for a tiny fraction of the price.

You will need:

  • A paint pen. You can use any color you want. I used black. Wal-Mart has them for $2.50.
  • Masking or blue painting tape. This is simply to secure your text and pillow case to a window so you can trace the letters.
  • An old pillow case. Or if you want to purchase one, you can get them cheap at Big Lots.
  • A flattened cardboard box.  You basically just need this to put between the pillow case to keep your paint pen from bleeding through. Cereal boxes work great.
  • An old throw pillow, or batting.
  • A printer. You can print out the following PDF files to tape together to trace the text onto your pillow case.

Click on each of the links below to print the text. You’ll want to print with the least amount of margin your printer will let you.





The first step after you’ve printed the files is to tape all of the pages together so it looks kind of like this:

antrhotapedtextYou might have to eye it a little bit, just basically make sure the lines look straight and they are evenly spaced.

Next you’ll want to secure your “poster” onto a window. This must be done when the sun is still up!

Poster on Window

As you can see, I was pushing it. The sun was about to set when I started this project so I had to race through it.

Next, you probably want to iron your pillow case. I didn’t do that and I wished that I had. Either way, you’ll want to align your pillowcase over the text so it looks something like this:

Pillowcase over poster

Pull the edges of the pillowcase tightly over the text to avoid any loose fabric.

Before you use your paint pen, make sure you shake it a bunch and push the tip down on another surface to make the paint flow into the tip. You’ll probably have to do this several times during the project. And before you start to trace your letters, it’s best to put some kind of thin piece of paper up between the pillowcase to avoid bleeding through.

Traced Letters

As you can see I started filling in the letters but after my back was aching and the sun was setting, I decided to just outline them and then fill them in later on a flat surface.

I laid down the pillowcase on my dining room table and shoved a cereal box in between the pillowcase to give me a flat surface that would prevent any bleeding through while I filled in the letters.

Filled in letters

Continue to shake your paint pen and push the tip down on another surface as you fill in the letters to assure that your tip isn’t going dry.

Once that is done, just cut off the excess pillow case to form a square:

Cut Pillow Case

Make sure you leave a little bit of margin to sew it up at the bottom.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, hopefully you know how to sew by hand. You basically just need to be able to sew the bottom seam somehow since all the other edges are done for you.

Flip the pillowcase inside out and stitch the bottom leaving a small gap so you can fill the pillow with some batting.

Bottom sewn up

I left a few inches open on one side.

Flip the case back out again and stuff with batting. Batting can be expensive so sometimes I take old thrift store pillows or pillows we aren’t using anymore and rip them open and just use the batting inside. That’s what I ended up doing with this one.

Once you’ve stuffed the pillow sew the remaining gap and viola, you have your knock-off Anthropologie pillow for only a few bucks.

DIY Anthropologie pillow knock-offAnd the awesome thing about this method is you can use it for just about anything. You could print a picture or pattern you want to trace, or you could create your own wording. And since you’re making this yourself, you can choose any color scheme you want.


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