Favorite Finds

Although I haven’t posted much lately, I have many projects that I have completed and hope to write about them within the coming week. There are a couple of sewing tutorials off of Pinterest that I want to share my experiences with. And we are finally starting to tackle our master bedroom after almost seven years of living in this house! We found some real wood dressers for an incredible deal at the thrift store so i am hoping to post more as we make progress there.It is spring break this week and with my daughter home all day it has been a challenge! Last week she was really sick with croup (for the millionth time) so that took up most of my time.

But just to recap a little, I wanted to show you a couple of new additions to my family room, which continues to be a work in progress.

Birdcage FindI am going for more of a vintage look in there, so I was in search of a birdcage. Hobby lobby has some amazing ones, but even on sale they were more than I was hoping to pay. I was hoping to find one at a thrift store but no such luck. Then one day I went to Ross with my mom in search of something entirely different and came across a brass birdcage. I wish I had taken a picture first, but the color was not desirable at all. However, the structure was good and so was the price! 6.99. So I purchased it and spray painted it a flat dark brown color. I am super happy with it and I saved at least $20. It is the perfect size for the mantel.

DIY Repainted Birdcage

The dark brown flat paint made the birdcage look old and rusted.

Then yesterday, I found this lamp for $6 at the Salvation Army complete with nice shade that I may cover with fabric. Haven’t decided yet.

Thrift Store Lamp

Our previous lamp was far too modern looking. I also like how the white pops against the darker table.

Remember my side table scores for the living room. They replaced some folding tables from World Market that are about 9 years old and have been well used. Since they are already distressed from use, I decided to add a splash of color to one of them using the Vaseline and spray paint technique to antique it and found that with this addition they make a lovely Long table and the other two don’t look out of place with their scuffs and worn areas.

Repainted Folding Table

Loving the splash of color in the family room. It ties in nicely with the mantel.

I am a little obsessed with candle holders, and when I went to Arizona to visit family I came across the most charming little shop. It is located in downtown Casa Grande and is called “In a Pear Tree”. The lady who owns it is a friend of the family and she has several contributors that make the most adorable things and sell them in the store. She is actually living my dream. She goes to thrift stores, estate sales, and what not, and repaints or repurposes items to sell. I fell in love!

Pillar Candle Holders

I found a set of 5 pillar candle holders for only $19. They all vary in size and design. The white one in this picture is one of 5. I still have to paint the rest!

Just yesterday I found some at the Salvation army that are a bright kelly green color. I’m planning to repaint those as well. I have an idea of how to use them all and I’m hoping to share it with you soon.

And finally, I found this vintage-looking patterned sheet from the thrift store that I plan to use as fabric to make my daughter a bubble dress for summer. I will let you know how that goes!

Vintage Sheet

Only .99 cents for several yards of this! I might make myself something as well!

Thank you for bearing with me through this random post!


Out with the oak. In with the new. (DIY Banister Makeover)

When we moved in our house I had no issue with our banisters. In fact I really liked them. But as all upgrades go, when you make one change you often end up having to make a lot.

When we redid our entryway flooring, we noticed how terrible our carpet looked. Then when we replaced the old carpet with laminate flooring, we saw how much our oak banisters stuck out like a sore thumb against the dark wood boards. It started to bother me more and more, but replacing our entire banister (which is ginormous and pretty much goes on forever), I started trying to think of some way to still make them “fit” with our home without paying thousands of dollars.

I was reluctant at first to paint them for a few reasons. The first major reason was the work involved. I reflected back on our kitchen cabinet makeover and how many months we plugged along on that project, and how many coats of paint it required! Yikes. But after my more recent experience using the paint with primer already mixed in on a few furniture pieces, I thought it could be possible to do this rather quickly.

My second hesitation was how a painted railing would look versus a stained rail. But after Pinteresting and Googling pictures of others who did the same thing I came to the conclusion that I liked the final result and was willing to give it a try. It was simply unacceptable in my artist’s eye to endure this eye sore for any longer. Call me a snob.

This project seriously took us about 5 hours. Only one coat of paint plus touch ups were required. And no, we didn’t sand. Ask me in a few months how it’s holding up.

Banister Makeover

Oak banisters prepped for painting.

DIY Banister makeover

One sexy husband lending a helping hand.

DIY Banister Makeover

After the tape came off and paint was dry to the touch.

DIY Painted Banister

Upstairs. See? I told you the rails just don’t quit in this house.

The cost of this project? Whatever a quart of paint with primer cost. I can’t remember. Maybe $10? The best thing about this paint is it is so ultra smooth. We can’t even see brush strokes. It truly turned out amazing.

We also have lots of paint left over for touch ups. Overall, definitely worth spending a Saturday afternoon working on!