Chalkboard Clock

Check out this beauty:

DIY Chalkboard Clock

$3.50 thrift store clock.

I saw it in Salvation Army about a week ago and my mind was turning trying to figure out what I could do with it. I liked the woodwork on it and thought it would be awesome to paint and distress but I had to think of a way to hide the nasty brass clock plate.

So I decided to try something different and use chalkboard paint for the plate since I still have tons left from previous projects.

This is what I came up with:

DIY Chalkboard Clock

Chalkboard clock after a makeover.

I probably don’t really need to go through all the steps because I’ve covered many of these techniques in previous posts but I’ll give you a quick summary of how I did it.

DIY Chalkboard clock

First I removed the plate. It was really easy to do. I basically just twisted off the back piece and unscrewed the front. Thankfully there was no glue to deal with so it came off easily and cleanly.

The next part is pretty self explanatory. I cleaned the clock and all the pieces and then sprayed each of them with spray paint. I used the Vaseline technique again on the wood part and used a satin white spray paint with primer. I also sprayed the clock hands and screws with white paint so it would contrast against the chalkboard. Then I sprayed the brass metal plate with the chalkboard paint. (Make sure you always read the full instructions on the back of your spray can. I have made some dumb mistakes before because I wasn’t paying attention!).

DIY Chalkboard clock

Here it is after the paint dried and I put all of the pieces back together. Chalkboard paint still had to dry for 24 hours before the first use!

After everything dried, I measured the chalkboard plate. Mine was 7×7 so I created a file in Illustrator (you can use other programs too if you don’t have that one) that was 7×7 and using some guidelines to make sure the positions were accurate, I put a 12, 3, 6, and 9 at their appropriate spots, printed it and then chalked the backs of the numbers. I cut a hole in the center so I could stick the hands through it when I traced the numbers.

DIY Chalkboard Clock

Turn the paper over and chalk the back behind all the numbers you will be tracing.

DIY Chalkboard Clock

I used a crayon to trace the numbers so that it wouldn’t scratch the surface of the chalkboard.

After I transferred the chalk numbers I went back with a white paint pen and filled them in with that. Since the numbers are permanent I didn’t want them to accidentally be rubbed off. Plus the paint pen made it still look like chalk only brighter and more crisp!

DIY Chalkboard clock

I used a paint pen to trace the chalkboard numbers.

DIY Chalkboard Clock

Chalkboard clock after a makeover.

And here is the final product again. Not bad for $4?







2 thoughts on “Chalkboard Clock

  1. Wow, that’s really cool! I’ve definitely been bit by the up-cycling/re-purposing bug, but as a busy college student I have yet to undertake any projects… just buy things from thrift stores I intend to craft with in the future! I’ll definitely check back here for some tips when the time comes. 🙂 The work you put into that clock really paid off, it looks awesome!


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