DIY Picture Frame Mirrors

I have always had a thing for mirrors. No, no, not in that way. I actually would prefer to keep my reflection OUT of them most of the time (unless I have something stuck in my teeth). But I love the way they look and the light they reflect. And also how they can make a space look bigger than it really is.

I wanted to create a wall of mirrors; all different shapes and sizes. When we painted our banister rail I thought it would be good timing to add something to the wall of the first set of stairs. It’s one of the first things you see when you walk into the house.

DIY Picture Frame Mirrors

Blank Wall with a few nail holes.

Instead of searching for a ton of different mirrors, I thought it might be easier to use left over looking glass paint from when I did all my mercury glass projects and turn picture frames into mirrors that way. It’s a lot easier to find small picture frames in a variety of shapes.

DIY Picture Frame Mirrors

You can get this at Wal-Mart for 8.97. It goes a long way!

I had a few mirrors already but I also bought some frames at IKEA that I thought would make darling mirrors. I’m sure you’ve seen them before:

DIY Picture Frame Mirrors

Add 5 thin coats to any glass surface, letting each coat dry for a full minute before adding the next. And ta-da! You have your very own antique looking mirror.

Now, here is the fine print. The paint has to be applied to glass surfaces only. The two decorative white frames from IKEA come with plastic instead of glass pieces. However, their $2 frames have almost the exact same size of glass that you can swap out and use instead, which is what I did.

This is the $2 frame I'm speaking of.

This is the $2 IKEA frame I’m speaking of.

The thing I love about the looking glass paint is that it makes a mirror-like surface but it looks antique-ish.

DIY Picture Frame Mirrors

Mirrors! Mirrors! On the wall!

So that’s about it. It’s a fun project that takes about an hour. You can spray all the glass pieces together and they take about 1 hour to dry and handle.

Tips: Make sure you fully clean all the glass surfaces well before applying the paint. The instructions say to spray the back side of the glass, then turn it over after it’s dried to reveal the mirror surface.


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