Love You More burlap pillow with felt lettering – includes print out!

DIY "Love You More" Burlap Pillow with felt lettering!

DIY “Love You More” Burlap Pillow with felt lettering!

Let me start out by saying that I DO have a sewing machine, however I always gravitate to projects that are easy and don’t require a sewing machine. So if you know how to use scissors, trace something, and can do an easy basic hand stitch (we’re talking 6th grade home economics level), you can make this pillow!

Here is what you will need:

A burlap pillow cover (mine is from IKEA for $10)

A pillow insert (from IKEA as well for $4)

A piece of white felt (23 cents at Walmart)

A piece of fabric or a burlap bandana, which is what I purchased from Hobby Lobby. (You get a large bandana for $1.99, or $1.00 when they are on sale which seems to be every other week.)

Fabric Glue

A fabric pen or other marker

A needle

Button Thread

If you want to do my exact pillow you will want to download and print these files:



Ready to get started?

First you want to print out the files above, or your own designed words from your computer and put them on a window with painters tape while you still have adequate lighting outside.



Now you cut out an area of your bandana that will fit the wording and a heart at the bottom with at least a half inch margin for the stitch. I just eyed mine. The pillow has a hand made look so I didn’t want the lines to be perfectly straight.

Put the piece of fabric over the lettering and trace lightly. You can use any type of pen to trace. Since my fabric was dark I used a fine tip white paint pen to lightly outline the letters.

IMG_20141007_134431_066Here is how it looked when I was done:


Then you want to use the reversed version for the felt. I trace it in reverse so that the pen doesn’t show on any of my felt letters.

Here is how it should look after tracing:

IMG_20141007_135208_397Then you want to very carefully cut out your felt letters and fabric glue them to the other fabric piece you traced the lettering on. The traced area will help you place the letters perfectly on the fabric. The fabric glue will also hold the letters in place when you stitch them to the fabric.

At this time you’ll also want to cut out a felt heart with your scraps. I drew mine by hand then cut it out so it looked hand made and not computerized.  Glue the heart underneath the lettering, or wherever you choose.

Then you get to stitching. Simply stitch around all your letters and the heart. I just stitched right in the middle of all of mine with a gray/tan button thread.



Once you have your piece stitched, fabric glue it in the middle of your burlap pillow cover. Then stitch around the whole piece with more basic 6th grade home ec skills.

Stuff your cover with the pillow insert and you’re done! This project only takes a couple of hours but it has a wonderful hand made look and adds great texture to a chair or couch.

DIY "Love You More" Burlap Pillow with felt lettering!

DIY “Love You More” Burlap Pillow with felt lettering!





Barnwood and Beachwood staining tutorial

Barnwood and Beachwood are pretty popular these days. You can find furniture and other home goods with these finishes just about everywhere. When I first saw this look surface, I was trying to think of a way to recreate it. I ended up stumbling upon this method by accident and then eventually refining it.

Here is what you’ll need:

Rust-oleum small stain jars. Driftwood, Kona and Weathered Gray.

Rust-oleum small stain jars. Driftwood, Kona and Weathered Gray.

You’ll also need a stain brush, paper towels, some light grit sand paper and a bare wood surface.

This method is so easy, that I don’t even need to really include pictures of the process because it’s fairly straight forward and there isn’t really a wrong way to do it.

I start with the Weathered Gray stain and cover my piece then rub it in well with a paper towel.

Next I make some random brush strokes over the surface with the Kona color. Some of these I rub in, and others I keep the brush marks more obvious.

Finally, I do some light random strokes with the Driftwood stain and do not rub these in. I want it to almost appear like lighter wood grains.

And lastly, after the stain has dried, I sand my piece almost like I would if I were distressing a painted piece.

Here are some pictures of some pieces I have used this technique on:



I made the shelf have a barnwood feel.



The shutters now have a nice rustic vibe. They were originally pine.


This shelf was oak. I only used Driftwood and Kona for this piece to make it feel more beachy. Forego the Weathered Gray if you want more of a Beachwood look and start with Driftwood then rub in some Kona to make the color more rich.

photoThis was a wood frame I sanded and stained with the barnwood look.

I want to add that you can’t really go wrong with this method. Just play around and use your sand paper if you need to soften any areas. But most of all have fun!


Crazy for Clothes Pins – $10 Projects

I love clothes pins because they can be such a cool design element but they are also so cheap. Here are a couple of projects I did this weekend using clothes pins. I’ll explain below how I did them below:

Clothes Pin Picture Holder

Clothes Pin Picture Holder using a cabinet door

Clothes Pin Picture Holder using second hand frame and twine.

Clothes Pin Picture Holder using second hand frame and twine.

Both of these projects were easy, quick and fun and they add punches of color and interest to any room!

The first project is similar to my “LOVE” sign that I blogged about a few weeks ago. Just like the “LOVE” sign, I used a cabinet door from IKEA’s “As is” section. I love it when they have the skinny cabinet doors because you can do so much with them. This particular door was $1.99.

Hobby Lobby decorative wood filigree spray painted dark brown and glued with wood glue to the cabinet door.

Hobby Lobby decorative wood filigree spray painted dark brown and glued with wood glue to the cabinet door.

The wooden filigree from Hobby Lobby was about $1.99. I spray painted it dark brown so that when I distressed the piece it would match the color of the rest of the door.

Painted and distressed cabinet door with filigree glued in the middle.

Painted and distressed cabinet door with filigree glued in the middle.

Then I took some wooden craft clothes pins (you can find these for cheap at Wal-Mart in their craft area), and painted them with some acrylic paint I had on hand and then simply hot glued them to the door since they would only hold light weight pictures.

Add some cute scrapbook paper cut outs and stamp them, or display family photos or greeting cards.

Add some cute scrapbook paper cut outs and stamp them, or display family photos or greeting cards.

Add some hanging hardware in back and you have an adorable decorative accent for a child's room/nursery, office etc.

Add some hanging hardware in back and you have an adorable decorative accent for a child’s room/nursery, office etc.

This second project is pretty simple as well. Using the same idea as the IKEA cabinet door, I instead used a secondhand frame, painted and distressed it, then painted 4 clothes pins and hot glued them to the sides of the frame:

Another cute way to display your photos, greeting cards, etc.

Another cute way to display your photos, greeting cards, etc.

I cut a couple of pieces of twine and clipped them into the clothes pins, then used mini clothes pins to secure the cards and pictures to the twine.

There are endless possibilities here. Play around and create something fun for your own home!





“LOVE” decorative sign with hooks

As promised, I am going to show you how I created the “LOVE” sign I made for our mudroom. I had a really fun time with this project!

"LOVE" Sign with hooks

Decorative “LOVE” hook rack/ wall hanging.

This project came out of 2 different ideas I saw, so I combined them. The first idea, I don’t have a picture of, but I saw someone use a cabinet door (like the one I did), and they glued wooden letters on it to create a sign. Then I saw this at Hobby Lobby:

DIY Love sign with hooks

Adorable Hobby Lobby Wall Chalkboard with hooks

I seriously loved this so much. However, it was priced at $100. I wanted to get a similar look but for much cheaper.

To create my sign I used the following items:

1. A cabinet door from IKEA’s “As is” section. They have TONS of random cabinet doors. The one I purchased was only $2.99.

2. Wooden letters from Hobby Lobby. These were just over $1 a piece. I measured the space of my cabinet front and took those dimensions with me to see what word I could fit within this area.

3. Wooden decorative pieces for the top of the board. These were also from Hobby Lobby and are found in the same aisle as the letters. I found 2 of the same decorative pieces to mirror that were only a couple of dollars for both.

4. Hooks from Hobby Lobby. Make sure you buy them when they are 50% off, or use your HL 40% off coupon.

5. Acryllic paint from Wal-Mart. I used the “Patina” color for the main color. I used a white and coral for the hooks and clothes pins. Wal-Mart has really cheap acryllic paint less than $1 each.

6. Wooden craft clothes pins from Wal-Mart.

7. Sand Paper

8. Hanging hardware

9. Polyurethane to seal the paint on the hooks (optional).

10. Wood glue

I started by figuring out where to place the letters and decorative wooden pieces on the cabinet door. I measured carefully to make sure everything was centered and evenly spaced. After I got each piece where I wanted it, I traced it with a pen so when I glued each piece down I knew exactly where to put it.

DIY LOVE sign with hooks

I used wood glue to adhere the letters and decorative pieces to the cabinet door.

Using wood glue, I covered the bottoms of each piece and put glue within the traced areas on the cabinet. After that I set a bunch of heavy books on top until the glue set. Then I made a mistake that I am hoping to spare you from making. I left on a date with my hubby and was not around to check on the glue situation. So while the glue set, it oozed out around the letters. It wasn’t a make or break situation but if I make another one I will check it periodically to wipe away any glue oozing, or gloozing, as I like to call it. (Wah wah…)

Once the glue was completely dry, I painted everything with my “Patina” acrylic paint. I think I needed about 2 coats.

DIY Love Sign with Hooks

I wanted it to still see some brush strokes because of the style of the piece so I only did 2 coats.

Once the paint was completed dry, I lightly sanded the piece.

DIY Love Sign with Hooks

Here is the piece after it was sanded. I also used some dark brown paint and a fine brush to give more of a distressed look to the letters since they were a light wood color.

You also want to paint the hardware/hooks (if you choose to). I just used acrylic paint to paint those as well. You can seal them with a polyurethane, however I did not because our sign is just decorative and won’t actually be used to hang coats.

Hooks and Clothespins

Painted hooks and clothespins.

The last steps are to find out exactly where you want the hooks/clothespins/hardware to be placed, to secure those items onto your board and then to add hanging hardware of your choice in the back. I screwed the hooks in and used wood glue for the clothespins. We used a wire in back secured on each side to hang our sign so that we could secure it to the wall in a way that our kids would not be able to yank it down and hurt themselves.

Hardware Placement

Figure out where you want all of your hardware and then adhere or fasten it to the board.

You can take this idea and do whatever you want with it, whether it means using the space where I placed the letters to make into a chalkboard similar to the Hobby Lobby inspiration piece, or you can do a vertical sign with a special date (2 numbers for each row). The possibilities really are endless. There are so many fun color combinations you could do and so many fun hooks that you could mess around with to create something truly unique.

This piece cost me about $25-$30 to create. You could make it as cheap as you want depending on what you want to include and what items you already have on hand. Then hang it up and enjoy!





More refinished pieces

So, it’s been awhile since I last posted, but I have a good reason! My husband and I just began a new and exciting journey. A few weeks ago we met with an adoption agency in Colorado, and we are hoping to adopt a little girl off the waiting list in China within the next year.  We have always had a heart for adoption, but recently we’ve felt like this is the time to start the process and we are excited!

Immediately my brain starting reeling trying to think of ways I could raise some extra money for adoption costs. I figured the best thing to do would be to stick with my talents/skills and try to make some money that way. So last weekend when Salvation Army had their 50%-off-everything-in-the-store sale, I was in search of some pieces I could purchase and refinish to try to sell on Craigslist for a profit.

The first item I found was this adorable vintage chair:

Vintage Chair

Small vanity chair for $25 at Salvation Army

The picture doesn’t show it all, but it wasn’t in great shape. The wood was pretty scratched and cushion fabric was stained and dingy. I wanted to make a cute shabby chic chair out of it. I already had white paint (from zillions of other painting projects) and I had left over fabric I’d used to make a roman shade for our dining room with. All I needed to buy was some black braiding.

Here is how it turned out:


DIY Refinished Shabby Chic Chair

The left-over fabric I had was perfect for the look I was going for.

Refinished Shabby Chic Chair

I distressed the edges with some sandpaper.

The second piece I found was a yellowish, scratched, wood end table with brass hardware. I am upset that I don’t have a before picture, but it was a pretty hideous sight. You know it’s ugly if it’s still left after a 3 day 50% off sale! I got this end table for $10 and thought it would be perfect in red with aged bronze hardware.

DIY Refinished End Table

I loved the bone structure of the piece. The red makes it really “pop”.

DIY Refinished Red End TableI’m sure there will be a lot more to blog about in the next few months as I continue to try to refinish pieces to sell. I will eventually start an etsy shop to sell items that are easily “shipable”. Didn’t want to hassle with it for furniture though. My vision for my etsy shop is to make unique pieces from thrift store items, combined with a few sewing projects. We will see how it goes!


Dollar Store Challenge: Sunburst Mirror

Last week, we spent time visiting my parents in the Seattle area. Other than the entire household contracting a nasty respiratory virus (courtesy of my daughter), we had a great time spending time with family.

My brother and his fiancee live in the area and I was really excited to see them and catch up. While we were there we decided to do a couples’ challenge using Dollar Store items. The challenge is to create something using $5 worth of Dollar Store items to re-purpose into something else that can be sold on Craigslist for the most money. We are allowed to use paint, glue/adhesive, nails, staples and other bonding products, but that is about it.

Our deadline isn’t until May 15th, so the competition isn’t over yet, but in the process of brainstorming projects, I came up with this idea, which I may or may not use in the actual competition.

A Sunburst Mirror:

DIY Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror

DIY Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror. $5.

This project can be done for as little as $3. However, I spent the full $5 on mine. I will show you both versions.

I started out with these three basic items:

DIY Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror

Candle mirror, candle plate and mini plastic spoons.


I started by hot gluing the spoons in a circle. It helps to do the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions first and then evenly space in between these 4 points. Hot glue them like CRAZY so they will stay in place.

You can then spray paint the entire thing, front and back:

DIY Sunburst Mirror

After painting both sides and letting it dry, you can hot glue the mirror if you choose the $3 version of this mirror. If you want the $5 version DO NOT glue the mirror yet.

I decided after the fact that I wanted to embellish it a little:

DIY Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror

You can glue dollar store toothpicks in between the spoons to add a little more detail.

Obviously, I had to go back and repaint once I added these. If you know ahead of time you want to add them you can wait to paint the entire thing until after the toothpicks are added.

After everything dried, I hot glued the mirror on (tons of glue again!), and then added these jewels to each spoon end:

Dollar Store gems

Dollar Store gems from the craft/school supply aisle.

And that’s how I got this:

DIY Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror

DIY Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror. $5.

Use glass bonding glue to apply hanging hardware in the back. Follow all the directions to assure it dries and bonds properly.

So that is about it! I will let you know if I end up using this, or if I choose something else. And of course I will announce the winner when all is said and done (provided we win;)).

Anthropolgie-like repainted thrift store candelabra

Wow, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it?

I swooned over this candelabra when I saw it on Anthropologie’s website:

Anthropologie Candelabra

Anthropologie Antiquity Candelabra.

The swooning was quickly followed by a mild heart attack when I read the price. $345. I know that their prices run high, but I just didn’t see this one coming.

Over the last few months I’ve made it my mission to find a candelabra at a thrift store because any decent candelabra seems to run between $50-$100 (from my extensive research on… ha!).

In all honesty, I thought it would be easier to score one of these. But in reality, it took awhile to come across one. And you better believe that the moment I did, I snagged it.

Again, in my haste I forgot to take a picture of the before. It was a dark wood and wrought iron candelabra. It wasn’t awful, but it didn’t fit in with my decor style. And you know me, I paint everything. It’s kind of becoming an issue.

Here is a picture of it primed before I painted it white:

Anthropologie-like DIY Candelabra

Don’t be fooled by the bluish tint in this photo. It’s a true grey matte primer.

I chose grey because the distressed areas on the Anthro Candelabra are grey, and I didn’t want both wood and wrought iron showing through.

Anthropologie-like DIY Candelabra

Here’s my knock off after using Vaseline and white satin spray paint.

I realize this isn’t super similar to the Anthropologie Candelabra. I still like the Anthro one better and my chipped paint doesn’t have the same look either, but I still really like the way it looks on my mantel. I think for $12, I am more than satisfied.

Anthropologie-like DIY Candelabra

Now I just need some candles!